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Get in touch with our experts via Email OR fill our Contact Form. Tell us your needs as detail as possible and please insert your phone number and attach some docs or pictures via Email (if any). Our team will reply your email ASAP in working hours (max. 2 days).

Discussion Phase

Our Team will further discuss about your requirements via Email/ WhatsApp.

Quotation And Agreement

Our Team will send Quotation And Or Agreement via Email. If everything goes well, both parties will sign the agreement and send the documents via Email.

Initial Payment

The Customer make initial payment as stated in the agreement

Data Gathering

Our Team will gather all the information we need to make your website (company profile, pictures, etc).

Mockup Design

Our Team will contact you within the project period and show our design and continue our work until finish.

Final Payment

The Customer make the final payment before the website published online.


Maintenance will be made based on agreement.

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